Business Scope

1Swimming pools : Stainless steel (SUS) pools, RC pools.

2Energy conserving water aerobics machine, water treadmill, water rowing machine, water mountain climbing machine, water bicycle, water abdominal machine, water stepping machine and more.

3Children’s pool: Water slides, water guns, recreational water facilities.

4Water spa pools: Swan-neck water jet spa, 9-square massage spring, bubble massage chair, bubble massage bed, painted arc fountain, rainbow waterfall cave, Vichy rain shower, stretching spring, various beauty springs, hot spring baths, waterfall springs, foot acupuncture bath, nano spring, three-acupoint spring, masculine spring, Huiyin spring, milk bath, and dozens more.

5Environmentally friendly nano-titanium chlorine-free disinfection machine (no added chlorine, disinfects and kills 99.99% of bacteria), energy-conserving heat pump (heats up more rapidly than regular heat pumps, saves time, electricity and is better for the environment).

6Sauna: Far-infrared energy cabin, steam bath, massage pool.

7Ornamental pools: Sculpted waterfalls, styled fountains and irrigators.

8Motor, filter bucket, pool access chair for the handicapped, springboard, lifeguard’s chair, rope rack, overflow cap, circular LED fountain lights and disinfection equipment.

9Technical guidance and consultation services available free upon purchase of our products.