Company Introduction

Rich Pool & Sauna Eng Co., Ltd. is a professional swimming pool and sauna manufacturing company whose business scope encompasses development, design, production, construction, installation and maintenance. We are able to guide our customers through a streamlined process of design, construction, and completion for stainless steel swimming pools, RC swimming pools, SPAs, Kurhaus water treatment pools, steam rooms, saunas, ornamental pools and mists.

Ever since 1980, Rich Pool & Sauna Eng Co., Ltd. has been involved in the design and construction of pools and saunas. We have completed projects for private residences, businesses, hotels, clubs, mansions, hostels and hot spring hotels domestically and abroad. We have accumulated a wealth of experience over the years while constantly researching and developing related new products such as the environmentally friendly nano-titanium disinfection machine (no added chlorine) and energy conserving instant heat pump. We hope to provide humankind with a high quality water environment which will also bring health, environmental protection, energy conservation and a reduction in carbon emissions.

As RC swimming pools often suffer from a variety of faults such as cracking from age or earthquakes, leakage, water seepage and falling tiles, we are actively promoting stainless steel pool structures which are able to withstand intense earthquakes without cracking or leaking. As they are light and easy to maintain, with a warrantee period of more than ten years, many major hotels and rooftop swimming pools have adopted this new material.

Business Principles
R&D, Innovative, Proactive, Dedicated

We plan in the most dedicated manner and provide the best service at the most reasonable prices so that we are able to see your most content smile as you experience our professional labor and high quality!